Book Reviews

Review- The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance

The Art Of Learning is a deep self-help book written by Josh Waitzkin in 2008.  The book is semi-autobiographical, detailing his experiences with learning and competition at the highest levels of both chess and the martial arts.  Although semi-autobiographical, his experiences are excellent examples of the principles he teaches in the book.  These principles are very deep, and can be used in virtually any competitive environment and even our lives, from our day to day activities to our life purpose.  However, to internalize these principles you have to very present when reading or you’ll mistake the deep pools of knowledge for mere puddles. (read full review here)


Review of: The Inner Game Of Tennis


The Inner Game of Tennis is a book written by author W. Timothy Gallwey back in 1972 and revised and republished in 1997.  The book explains that there are two games we all play, and external game, and an inner game.  The external game (of tennis in this case) has to do with your technique, your form, or any actual physical movement you have to make.  The inner game is what goes on in your mind, and even a little deeper than your mind.  The theme of the book is that in order to “succeed” in sports, and in life you must get your inner game in order, or you can use sports and life to “succeed” in your inner game.  The concepts presented here don’t only apply to tennis, and don’t only apply to sports for that matter; these concepts apply to life as well. (read full review here)